In Odziena you can not only immerse yourself in the ambience of late 19th and early 20th century life, but you can also discover the secrets of brewing great beer.

Excursions normally begin and end at the guesthouse, where you can enjoy aromatic coffee and snacks in stylishly refurbished surroundings. Here you can discuss with the guide your interests and what you’d particularly like to see and hear about.

Sightseeing tours can take from half an hour up to two hours depending on the time you have available and the depth of your interest. You can visit all of the estate and hear the history of the manor. Of course, the centre of attention is usually Odziena Manor House, but another major attraction is the brewery. Here you can view and hear about the brewing process as well as degust our beers straight from the barrel!

*Brewery tours are not available at the moment.

A collection of Soviet-era cars and technology

 The Odziena Manor complex houses an impressive collection of Soviet-era cars and technology. This collection includes more than 20 Soviet-era cars, motorcycles, cameras, radios, home appliances and even FORMULA!

Our standard tour normally takes just short of an hour and includes the guest house, manor house, soviet car and technology museum.

To discuss a tour, please call us on +371 2053 3333 (a native English speaker is normally available) or e-mail info@odzienasmuiza.lv. We can organize excursions for any day of the week.