“Zemgaļi”, Odziena

Vietalvas pag., Pļaviņu nov., LV-5109


+371 20 533 333



One and a half hour’s drive from Riga, between Pļaviņas and Ērgļi, where the Daugava river valley rises into the Vidzeme highlands, stands the Odziena Estate, its park and stately outbuildings girdling the proud neo-gothic manor.

As the Odziena complex includes not only the manor building itself, but also the guesthouse and a number of other buildings, we can cater for parties of all sizes. We can accommodate up to 130 people using the manor and outlying buildings, or up to 60 people if you just want to reserve the guesthouse.

The guesthouse was the manor’s inn in earlier times. It has recently been stylishly renovated and now boasts a cozy early 20th century interior. There are dining and event rooms on the first floor and guest rooms on the second. There are 9 guest rooms available – both double and family rooms, all en suite. Guesthouse reservations can be made in advance by calling 2053 3333 (English spoken) or by email: info@odzienasmuiža.lv.


Odziena Manor’s recorded history dates from 1455. The present manor house was built in the mid 19th century by Rudolf Friedrich Adrian von Brimmer.

The manor was burned out during the unrest of 1905, but now this Latvian architectural gem has been brought back to life from the ruins.

Odziena Manor is one of the most prominent romantic neo-Gothic style monuments in the Baltics.

Currently, several large function rooms in the manor have been renovated and the manor can accommodate events with up to 200 guests.


The Odziena Manor complex is located in a beautiful part of Latvia. Although the manor itself is the first to grab the attention of the visitor, they will soon succumb to the beauty and charms of the surrounding park and estate.

The grounds of the manor are dominated by the ancient lake and rows of fragrant, giant limes.

Down by the brewery, a stream babbles from the lake through a winding, rocky gully delighting with its burbling descent.

Come breathe-in the saturated summer evenings, when the air, redolent of lime flowers and cut grass, vibrates with the contented croaking of lake frogs.

You are welcome!


The Odziena craft brewery produces select ales that are held in high esteem by Latvian beer connoisseurs. Odziena ales are brewed using modern methods and equipment but the process is not automated.

The small scale of operations means that the beers receive the hands-on personal attention of the head brewer at every step of the process.

By prior arrangement we offer a unique opportunity to learn about beer making. Whilst touring the brewery you can also enjoy a taster of our products straight from the barrel. *Not available at the moment.

Odziena Manor beer can be purchased at Odziena village shop, next to the guest house; at the following Alk Outlet stores in Riga: Braslas iela 29A, Brīvības gatve 434B, Dzirciema iela 42; as well as in the best pubs throughout Latvia.


Odziena Manor has become close and dear not only to those involved in maintaining and running the estate, but to anyone who has participated in the many events organized and hosted here.

Many will remember with a smile and heartfelt joy, the many winter and summer solstice and Easter celebrations featuring traditional folk music and communal dancing that have been held in the manor grounds.

These are celebrations for the whole family – games and dances draw everyone, from children to the elderly, from Latgalians to American visitors into their vortex.

Currently, Odziena Manor offers tours of the manor complex and brewery, which will be interesting for the whole family.

Keep an eye open for announcements on our website. We hope to see you at an Odziena Manor organized festival sometime this year!